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When the only Bike Shop Shut down in Leduc a few years ago we started a Bicycle Repair Shop to fill the need for basic Bicycle repairs like flat tires, tune ups, etc.. For over 20 years I have been riding recumbent bicycles for fun, health and fitness. During those years I developed my skills fixing bicycles. As I rode all over Leduc County, Edmonton and Western Canada, many people have asked; "where do you buy your bikes?". Now I can say:

Renu Cycle in Leduc

Since the Fall of 2012 we have offered Recumbent Trike Sales. With the repair service growing and my passion for recumbents we decided to be in a niche market with Recumbent Trikes instead of competing with large stores over bicycle sales. For a growing, health conscious, more physically active young or older adult population, Trikes offer no pain and tons of gain! Recumbent trikes are fun, faster than you think and yes, body friendly! No neck, wrist, butt discomfort or balance issues!

Trikes are Great for people who have limited mobility from surgeries, back pain, or any other reason that would restrict someone from riding a 2 wheeled bike! The Michigan Chiropractic Association even endorses trikes as part of good therapy.

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Do you want to regain a sense of freedom and mobility? Do you want more fun and be comfortable during your weekly exercise?

Check out our Renu Cycle web site  or to our Youtube Channel for more info and to see the latest happenings on the trike Side!     - Larry @ Renu

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